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    Thank You.

    Thank You for visiting my website NANCY CAROL DAVIS
    Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Behavior Analyst
    Former Florida Educator (K-12)
    Published Author
    Public Speaker
    Psychology Degree (UCF)

    Nancy is a Gentle Spirit Proudly Celebrating over 20 years of Ethical Clinical Hypnotherapy.
    A few of her Hypnotic Passions include sessions in the following areas:
    Eliminate / Control Fears, Enjoy Public Speaking - Improve Sports - Stress Reduction - Self Hypnosis - Reduce side affects from Chemo Therapy - PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Personal Motivation - Manage Anger - Pain Management - Sleep Issues - Create Goals - Improve Study Skills - Improve Memory - Weight Loss - Stop Smoking - Build Confidence - Raise Self Esteem - Stop Nail Biting - Enhance Creativity - and of course the Every Popular... Very Funny Trance-With-Nance Hypnotic Parties.

    Nancy works with Children in some of the following areas; thumb sucking, bed wetting, anger, tantrums, concentration, manners and more... If you have a concern not listed please call or email HypnosisHeals@earthlink.net.

    The Office is temporarily closed. Please check back for updates. Thank You.

    Select Your Area of Need

    Nancy Davis- Featured on FOX News

    Fox News anchor John Brown interviews Nancy on Overcoming Your Fears . A recent study by Chapman University found the following fears are having an impact on many people today. Some can be helped by hypnosis, some are simply overcome by taking wise precautions.

  •   Fear of dark places
  •   Fear of Identity Thieft
  •   Fear of Saftey on the Internet
  •   Fear of Public or Mass Shooting
  •   Fear of Public Speaking

    An Oasis in the City
    Longwood, Florida

    Join others as they take part in

     TGIF - It's the Weekend. Time to leave the office AT the office. Enjoy the benefit of taking your mind off your job for a couple of days. The relaxation which comes from Hypnosis and guided imagery will keep you refreshed and free of work thoughts all weekend. You won't need any alcohol for this Happy Hour. Your Hypnosis skills will keep you feeling great with every breath you take. Allow Nancy to teach you how to embark on this incredible hypnotic journey.

                                              Click here from more details

    HYPNOSIS HEALS receives award for

       In recognition for the contributions HYPNOSIS HEALS gave to the city of  Longwood, Nancy Davis graciously accepted this award. Through Hypnosis, This program continues to generate smoke free clients year after year. Hypnosis Heals proudly displays this symbol of continuing Success and Integrity.

    Nancy maintains the ability to consistantly help members of her community become permanantly smoke free. If you are serious about eliminating this habit from your life, choose the best. Choose Hypnosis Heals.
    Call Nancy today at 407-862-7477. For more information. Check the session prices page for program details.


    During Nancy's private sessions and seminars she uses soothing background music, comfort zone seating, state of the art recording equipment and many other inovative techniques unique only to her practice.. Nancy is dedicated to meeting the goals of every client, not just a few. Confidentialty is top priority. You are guaranteed 100% privacy. Enjoy her unique ability to help you become Your Very Best. It's comforting to know that she goes above and beyond the norm to meet your needs.

    Imagine her soothing voice guiding you; leading you into a peaceful state of being. Your mind is fully alert, however your body is fully relaxed. Because you remain in complete control of your thoughts and actions, you will find yourself easily absorbing the positive suggestions being shared with you. This is the wonderful world of HYPNOSIS!

    Nancy has a gentle personality and the gift of compassion. When you combine her formal education, compassion, dedication, life experience and her expert hypnotic skills you will receive THE SUCCESS you deserve. Call today for your free phone consultation 407-862-7477. Nancy receives calls from 9am to 10pm, Seven days a week. If you get her voice mail, she is probably busy helping someone. Please leave your information... she wants to help you too.

    All programs are created to meet your individual needs. The hypnotic part of every session is recorded (burned live to a CD) and is 100% confidential. This recording is your home reinforcement and you take home the only copy made. Please call for appointments. Check Prices Here.

    Nancy also designs (click here) Corporate Seminars to meet the needs of your company. Some of the Corporate Program Titles are: Stress Reduction, Focus and Creativity, Personal Motivation, Powerful Salesmanship and Energy at Your Office. Please call, fax or email for more information on the Corporate Programs.

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    Would you like to know more about the activities taking place at Hypnosis Heals? Would you like to know more about the healing power of your mind? If so, then join her mailing list to receive important updates. Simply send Nancy an email requesting to be placed on the list. Doing so will allow you to keep up with special events, free gatherings and seminars before they are announced to the public. You can also find her meeting ground for for questions, testimonials and public messages on Facebook. Be a part of the Wonderful Hypnosis Heals Family... Friend her on Facebook at 'Hypnosis Heals'.

    Information About Nancy
    The power of the mind has always been of great interest to Nancy. In 1985 she experienced a near death accident. This accident changed her whole outlook on life. She began to research what had happened to her and why. Her belief system was slowly changing. She became more spiritual and more willing to help other people improve their quality of life.

    Nancy strongly believes that all people can tap into that special area of their mind (the subconscious) to create positive changes, if they want to. Sometimes all we need is a person to guide us in the right direction. Hypnosis and the right Hypnotherapist can do this. Nancy has chosen the tool of Hypnotherapy to provide this help for others.
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    Hypnosis, Facts and Fiction
    The versatility of hypnosis is unparalleled. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can help you overcome fears, increase your confidence and break many bad habits. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Clinical Hypnotherapists are highly qualified professionals who work with people to resolve their problems without resorting to drugs or long term psychotherapy. Remember there is always the exception where traditional medication and/or psychotherapy is necessary. Hypnosis, however, can frequently solve most problems quickly with an average of one to three sesions. Email Nancy today for more information.
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    Healing Back pain with Regression
    My most memorable experience was with a client who had excruciating pain in her chest off and on for many years. Although she had been to many doctors and specialists, they could find no physical explanation for her pain. After a very intense and painstaking process, we had finally traveled back through time, in which the injury to her chest was finally discovered to be self-inflicted with much emotional trauma and guilt attached.
      Read more here

    The Hypnosis Heals Virtual Kiosk is now open.
    Browse through a collection of CDs picked to help you relax and reach the proper state of mind needed for meditation. Audio samples are availabe from every CD so you can listen before you buy. All CD's are shipped within 24 hours!
      Visit the Store Here

  • This website is dedicated to the memory of my Beloved Mother and Father

    From my Father I was bestowed the honorable title of "Daddy's Little Girl". I was your Special Tomboy and your 'Procurement Officer'. If you wanted it, you knew I would find a way to get it. You taught me a magnitude of common sense. Showed me how to save a dime on every corner and yeah Dad, I have your endless sense of humor (not as good tho). Most important to me was your message to always stand tall and Be Proud. Thank You Daddy, I am still your 'Little Girl' and I'm doing great!

    My Dear Father 1926-1999

    From my mother I received the gift of love, intuition, passion, confidence and respect for others. You created me with Aloha in Hawaii. Your aloha is always with me. I will carry your Beauty tenderly in my heart. Your gift of song will sing forever in my soul, your love will always flow through my veins. Fly away sweet spirit, Till we meet again. I'll wait for you here .. until my day comes. Thank You for everything Mom, I am very proud to be your daughter.

    My Loving Mother 1931-1997

    All rights reserved 1993-2015

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