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    About Nancy

    Nancy wins award for best stop smoking clinic in longwood Nancy opened the doors of Hypnosis Heals in April of 1993. She has maintained her office in Longwood, Florida for nearly 20 years. In the beginning of her practice she spent approximately 10 years traveling Central Florida presenting The Wellness Seminars. These seminars focused on Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. She has been a guest speaker on numerous local radio and television stations. She has given countless presentations to local clubs and schools. Her goal is always eliminating the myths which stand behind hypnosis and educating the public on what it truly is. One of her major appearances was on The American Health Network, (A National Television Program) called "Ask The Pediatrician". On this show she hypnotized a 12 year old boy live in the green room. Afterwards she and the child came onto the set to discuss his experience. It was quite an experience to see the interaction between the Physician who ran the show, the child who described his feelings, Nancy answering countless questons and the response of the audience. She is well established in Longwood where she maintains an excellent reputation. Her education speaks for itself. Her willingness to kindly help others separates her from the norm. It is rare to find someone who truly goes the extra mile for you. This is a quality Nancy graciously shares with all her clients.

    Getting To Know Nancy Carol

    Nancy is a native Floridian. Her family has lived in the Orlando area for over two generations. She came into this world in 1956 with her feet kicking and ready to live life to the fullest. Her father was a journalist for the United States Air Force. This provided Nancy with the opportunity to travel the world and thus created her desire for adventure. While growing up she lived in Orlando, Florida; Everuex, France; Anchorage, Alaska (twice) and Satellite Beach, Florida.

    Her father came home to Orlando for his retirement at McCoy Air Force Base in 1972. His retirement brought a sad end to the military traveling Nancy had grown so attached to. This did not, however, halt her passion. After graduating from Boone High School in 1975, Nancy enrolled in Valencia Community College. After her first year Nancy was forced to take a break from school. She was in a bad car accident which ended up with many broken bones. She needed time for her body to heal so she and took this opportunity to spread her wings in other ways. She went on several long personal journeys in a quest to explore, not only the world, but also herself.

    Her time away from school was longer than intended. She returned to Alaska for almost two years. This trip included working, panning for gold, climbing glaciers and hiking mountains (including the base of Mt. McKinley). Nancy also revisited the town of Seward. Recalling memories of racing up Mt. Marathon to win 1st Place Team in the Junior Girls Division at age 15. Alaska was fun but she did need to come home & continue her education. Somehow she managed to maintain her desire to travel and attend college at the same time.

    Her craving for adventure only became stronger as the years went by. She crossed the United States by car, from Florida to Alaska, twice. The beauty and landmarks are too many to list. As the years went by her travels took her back to Europe (three times). On one visit she lived in Straubing, Germany for 3 months. During this stay she lived with a German family who taught her to speak fairly good German. She has been to Hong Kong where she was able to stay a bit over two months. She spent two weeks touring Communist China and was able to see the island of Maccau (occupied by Portugal). Other trips have taken her to Mexico (6 times), Canada (5 times), the Dominican Republic, South America; Lima, Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru (twice), Jamaica and many other islands in the Caribbean.

    Welcome to my domain Nancy enjoys traveling, mountain climbing and hiking, jogging, roller blading, snow skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, white water rafting, cave exploration and of course simply relaxing on the beach. She calls these activities 'merging with mother nature'. Her passion for adventure and travel will always be part of her spirit.

    After completing the book The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and learning so much about Machu Picchu she was determined to see Peru and the ruins first hand. In 1999 this experience came to life. She packed her bags, jumped on a plane and spent the next two weeks exploring Peru. She was able to visit the magical city of Machu Picchu and much of the surrounding area. Her first trip was so impressionable that Nancy was drawn to take a second voyage. She returned to Peru in 2004. This trip re-united Nancy with her Peruvian Shaman, friend for life and personal travel agent, Willaru, who lives in the city of Cusco.

    Nancy believes that exploring other cultures helps one appreciate the benefits of living in The United States of America. Some of her (desired) future adventures include: exploring the Great Pyramids in Egypt; diving the great barrier reef, in Australia; Taking a Safari in Africa; Visiting ancient temples in Japan and on the home front, taking that one week, white water rapid trip, through the Grand Canyon.

    Favorite Authors
    Reading is another great love for Nancy. Some of her favorite author's are: (not in any specific order) Deepak Chopra, Robert Monroe, Ruth Montgomery, Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, James Redfield, Edgar Cayce, Stephen LaBerge, Brian Weiss, Richard Bach, Hermann Hessa, Robert Fulghum, Neal Walsch…and many more.

    nose to nose for a peanut Nancy enjoys growing African Violets. She has a collection of over twenty plants which span numerous varieties. Her oldest plant is a beautiful "Darling Blue Trailer." Nancy also enjoys being owned by several pets. She has 5 incredible cats, 1 silly dog who thinks he's a cat and 2 squirrels she set free in 2002 (hopefully still around). She rescued the squirrels before their eyes were open, trained them to nest and eat foods from their natural habitat. When they made their first nest and successfully cracked their acorns open, she tearfully set free. As you can see from the picture, Nancy treasures all her experiences with animals. In this photo the squirrel was taking a peanut from her teeth. When it comes to pets she the biggest animal lover of all. She uses Pavlov's theories to train her cats and dog. It's quite a sight to see them all respond when prompted with verbal ques and of course, the traditional Pavlovian ringing of the bell.

    The power of the mind has always been of great interest to Nancy. In 1985 she had a near death experience (NDE) while swimming. This was combined with an out of body experience (OBE). Nancy feels her accident was no accident at all… She firmly believes the incident happened to urge her to explore more of the metaphysical and spiritual side of life. She always says it was God's way of knocking her on the head and saying, "Wake up! It's time to work". Needless to say her belief system was changing. Since the 'accident' Nancy feels there is so much more people can do by learning to use the power of their mind. Hypnotherapy is one of the tools she has chosen to help others learn the many techniques available.

    Nancy is celebrating nearly 20 years as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. The rewards are priceless to her. This is her passion. Her life. Her chosen path. She invites you to join her on this journey.

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