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    Ask Nancy

    ask nancy page Nancy Davis- ask Nancy a guestion

    Many people have numerous questions about hypnosis and the mysteries surrounding the hypnotic process. I have created this page (and the FAQ page) to help you understand this curious topic. The 'Ask Nancy' page will have a few basic questions as starters. To help further your understanding please visit my FAQ page. Remember, Education is a powerful tool. Use it, be aware and learn all you can. Knowledge is Power!

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    Dear Nancy:
    What happens if I get stuck in a trance and can't get out? signed, Fearful in Florida

    Dear Fearful:
    You never have to worry about getting stuck in a trance. The worst thing that can ever happen to you in a hypnotic state is... you may fall asleep. If you have a good hypnotist, they will watch you and see the signs of sleep so that you don't drift there. If you do drift into a sleep state (vs deep hypnosis) the hypnotist should gently waken you.

    Dear Nancy:
    I've heard that I will tell you all my secrets if you hypnotize me. Is this true? Scared in Seattle

    Dear Scared:
    NO you will NEVER give away any of your secrets while under hypnosis. If you choose to do so in a waking state, during the interview, that will be a conscious choice. However, under hypnosis, you will not.

    Dear Nancy:
    I've heard that many hypnotists will make me bark like a dog? Will you do that to me? Hesitant in New Hampshire

    Dear Hesitant:
    No I will not make you bark like a dog... unless you want me to. (just kidding) Remember this rule of thumb. NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING AGAINST YOUR WILL while in the hypnotic state. No one can make you bark like a dog, or become a mass murderer. We can thank the media for that misconception.

    Dear Nancy:
    I have seen stage shows where people act stupid and do silly stunts. Is this real? Sceptic in Sanford

    Dear Sceptic:
    Yes, stage hypnosis is real. The stage hypnotist generally chooses their participants from a large group which is wittled down until they know they have a nice small group of good hypnotic subjects. The 'subjects' are then given the suggestion to go into a wonderful state of hypnosis where they are free to do what the hypnotist says. Yes, they act silly... but remember, this is entertainment. Yes, they do silly stunts, again, this is entertainment. The 'subject' is aware of everything they say and do at all times.

    If the stage hypnotist asked the 'subject' to do something they considered unethical, the subject would refuse and probably immediately pull themself out of the hypnotic state. Becoming a 'subject' for a hypnotic stage show can be loads of fun. It is also a great way of getting introduced to that 'hypnotic' feeling. If you were ever a participant in a stage show you will should be an excellent canidate for theraputic hypnosis if you ever need it in the future.

    For more information go to the Facts and Fictions page. That page will explain, as much as possible, what it feels like to be hypnotized.
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