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    Welcome to my domain
    Virtual Kiosk CD Shop
    The Spoken Word Music Page

    Nancy is proud to bring some of the best music available for relaxation, meditation, and all other forms of deeper thought.

    Hypnosis Heals, Inc. links you to our online retail affiliates at CD Baby.com and our good friends at EvO:R so you can purchase any of these CD's online via a secured server. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Take your time, read about the music and listen to quality samples. If you like what you hear, please support the artists with your CD purchase..

    Links to CD's listed by Genre
    [CD Home Page] [Ambient] [Background Music] [Environmental] [Energy Healing] [Healing] [Inspirational] [Island Music] [Love Songs] [Lullabies] [Meditation]
    [Moods] [Nature] [New Age] [Self-Help] [Spirtual Inspiration] [Spoken Word]
    [Childrens Stories] [World Fusion] [Yoga]

    Want to see SPOKEN WORD picks?

    album coverMPAC: the takeover
    MPAC MUSIC album (The Takeover) is conscious hip hop. It speaks of issues existing in the Muslim communities and communities at large. The music is thought provoking, inspirational, and intense. HEAR IT
    album coverRICK JOHNSON: courageous moms: raising boys to become good men
    A refreshing, inspirational, and instructive seminar providing practical tips and encouragement for women raising boys.HEAR IT
    album coverELAINE VOCI, PH.D.: celebration of light
    Non-fiction, inspirational and informative stories by patients who overcame vision challenges.HEAR IT
    album coverMEIRA WARSHAUER AND ANI TUZMAN: spirals of light
    Described as "sublimely beautiful," Meira Warshauer's Spirals of Light offers music to calm the soul and dance the spirit. Together with Ani Tuzman's inspiring and playful poetry, the recording invites takes the listener through a spiritual journey.HEAR IT
    album coverTIMOTHY: spirit & flesh (lp)
    Inspirational Rap musicHEAR IT
    album coverDAMALI AYO: what did she just say?
    Artsy public radio stories (first aired on "studio 360" - kinda like "this american life" for artists). damali ayo is an artist who deals with the complicated issue of race using a creative approach, humor and distinclty memorable style.HEAR IT
    album coverJUDITH DAY: good sense, guided meditations for living mindfully
    Learning to live in the now frees us from being lost in our thoughts and inspires us to enjoy our lives. On this CD, a soothing voice guides you in exploring the present moment.HEAR IT
    album coverWAMBUI BAHATI: crazy for me - how i got over bipolar disorder and other life stuff
    "It wasn't until I got crazy for and about me that I was able to turn my life around." ~ A courageous, entertaining, compelling, inspirational self-help message for anyone living with or recovering from a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or other life stuff.HEAR IT
    album coverP16: p is 16
    P16 has a fresh style that weaves her expressive mature view of the world around her with the inspirational tones and melodies of singer composer Adage.HEAR IT
    album coverGALE GLASSNER TWERSKY: relax, release & dream on, hypnotic guided imagery for relaxing, releasing negative emotions and sleeping peacefully
    Hypnotic Guided Imagery: Healing Relaxation, Releasing Negative Emotions, Peaceful Sleep, Positive Affirmations, Self-esteem, w/ soft music during and 30 min.after spoken wordsHEAR IT
    album coverWENDY ANNE MCCARTY, PHD: what babies want audio series vol ii: wondrous beginnings
    This CD offers insights into our spiritual nature. Dr. McCarty intertwines amazing new theories and findings about infant consciousness with heart-warming healing stories of families who have come to her for guidance.HEAR IT
    album coverPATRICE DICKEY: back to the garden: getting from shadow to joy
    This really is a delightful book, full of pithy, wise, fun, real, honest, short selections, each to the point with a message to ponder. Witty & accessible, enjoyable to read. --Writers DigestHEAR IT
    album coverCREIGHTON HOBBS: how many chances
    Reading my auto biography book, Laughter, witty, inspirational, and self help for a positive outlook on life.HEAR IT
    album coverMIRABAI DEVI: the golden light
    meditation, spiritualHEAR IT
    album coverFAIREST HILL: daddy talk / brighter days (featuring lil irocc)
    Designed to keep your heart and spirit both lifted and encouraged are these father’s spoken words of wisdom mixed with youth’s hip hop and hopeful outlook for a positive future.HEAR IT
    album coverWET PAINT: a circling
    A Rock Opera for the times Pink Floyd would be proud of, dark & gritty.HEAR IT

    Links to CD's listed by Genre
    [CD Home Page] [Ambient] [Background Music] [Environmental] [Energy Healing] [Healing] [Inspirational] [Island Music] [Love Songs] [Lullabies] [Meditation]
    [Moods] [Nature] [New Age] [Self-Help] [Spirtual Inspiration] [Spoken Word]
    [Childrens Stories] [World Fusion] [Yoga]

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