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    Stop Smoking in 7 Days
    Author Nancy Davis

           In November of 1997 Nancy Davis wrote and released the first interactive hypnotic computer program which allowed you to enter the hypnotic state in the privacy of your own home.

    Stop Smoking NOW CDROM
          Her idea was to help people stop smoking without fearing the hypnotic process.  Many people are nervous about going to a live hypnotist.  Many of these fears are produced by media which have labeled hypnotists as being some sort of a controlling person with supernatural powers. If that were true, every hypnotist would be a millionaire and there would be one on every street corner.  Trying to dispel this myth, Nancy released a Computer Program which allowed the viewer to learn about hypnosis, experience it personally and safely,  and consequently Stop smoking in 7 Days.

    The Stop Smoking Program was the 1st program of  "The Freedom Series". Her publications are not stopping here.  Look for more computer programs on Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Eliminating Your Fears, Increasing your Self Confidence... and many more as time goes by.

    Please check back frequently for more information on the status of the Stop Smoking in 7 days program.
    You can click the CDRom and listen to a sample from the Freedom Series.

    Thank you for visiting my web site. For more information about the Stop Smoking Program please feel free to email Nancy, or better yet, sign the guest book.

    Coming Soon
    The Freedom Series

    Additional self help CD's and or audio cassettes from Nancy.
  •  Stress Reduction- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Stop over-eating- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Fear Reduction- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Better Relationships- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Understanding Yourself- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Better Study Skills- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Memory Enhancement- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Concentration- CD or MP3 Download
  •  Self-Esteem- CD or MP3 Download

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