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    Formal Education

    Nancy- Opens Books

    Top rated stop smoking clinic in Longwood. After high school Nancy began her studies at Valencia Community College. Her first educational decision was to major in Dance. Already having a background in Modern Dance, Ballet and Ballroom Dancing, she now wanted a formal degree in Dance. Her desire was to become a professional ballerina and dance instructor. However, fate turned her in another direction. Just before finals during her freshman year Nancy was in an automobile accident. The accident left her unable to physically participate in several dance classes. Her professors, however, became very creative in deciding how she would earn a grade for a dance she choreographed but could not perform. She was told to instruct one fellow student on a dance routine through verbal guidance only. Nancy was also told to grade the student on her performance following standard guidelines (the teacher obviously gave the final grade). The outcome… Well, the fellow student, Nancy and the professor were all pleased. Everyone agreed on the grade. An 'A' 100 % for excellence in following verbal guidance, modern choreographic style, body formation and rhythm. This experience left Nancy with high hopes for her Dance Career even though she couldn't participate physically for a year.

    At the end of her first year of college she took some time off to heal while she lived with her brother, Casey, in Alaska. She spent apx one and 1/2 years in Anchorage working and exploring the state. However, in the darkness of one Alaskan winter, Nancy decided it was time to go home. She was healthy and wanted to return to her studies. Upon enrollment her goals had changed. Dance was still part of her life, but not a career goal. Thoughts of professional dancing were behind her as she made a firm decision to major in psychology.

    She Graduated with Honors from Valencia Community College and continued her education at The University of Central Florida (UCF). Her psychology classes focused on the area of behavior modification and abnormal psychology. She completed her studies and again, graduated with honors from UCF. She stood tall (just like Daddy told her) holding a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Education and a lot of dance experience.

    After graduation Nancy began walking a path that led her to jobs focused on caring for others. She obtained her Florida Teaching Certificate and took several graduate classes in Special Education. This allowed her to begin working with mentally and physically handicapped children. She was the Senior Behavior Analyst in a residential facility for the Mentally Retarded for several years. After that job she moved to a private school, which targeted children, addicted to drugs and alcohol. At the same time Nancy was teaching G.E.D. at Colonial High School in the evenings. She taught at Colonial for 4 years and left only due to County cut-backs. From the Drug & Alcohol center she chose a salary increase move to Manor Care Nursing Home. As The Social Services Director she developed behavioral modification programs to keep the residents mentally stimulated. It was a challanging job, as some of her residents were terminal and some were short term visits. Nancy, however, took the challange and handled it with the greatest respect.

    While working at the nursing home Nancy received an offer to teach full time with the Orange County Public School System (OCPS). She accepted a position teaching Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Her first placement was Clarcona Elementary School where she taught grades K-5. Her students we varied in their needs. Some were hyperactive, some dyslexic, but all of her students were diagnosed with a wide range of learning disabilities. Nancy used strong behavior modification programs and countless creative teaching skills to help all of her students excel to the best of their ability.

    As her teaching career evolved she transferred to the Middle and High School Level. Her last teaching position was at the University Behavior Center in Orlando. This particular facility within the Exceptional Education Department of OCPS targeted children who were abused, abandoned or court ordered to attend school due to a variety of problems. One year into this positon her life took another dramatic change.

    Her mother had just passed away in November of 1997 from lung cancer. Now, in January of 1999, the doctors diagnosed her father with the same disease. From the moment of her father's diagnosis she dedicated her life to caring for him. In February of 1999 Nancy resigned for the school system. It was not a difficult decision to make...her father now came first. She left her home and her husband (not emotionally) and moved in with her father to graciously become his primary care taker until he passed away. It was October 16th 1999, 6am. She was holding his hand (as she had done with her mother less than two years before) with a silent breath he was gone. This changed her forever.

    Today, Nancy focuses her attention solely on hypnotherapy. Teaching is still part of her life, but now it is incorporated into her hypnosis practice. She provides one on one sessions, small awareness groups and travels the state presenting large seminars on Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. Nancy lives and breathes hypnosis. It is one the greatest passions in her life.. and always will be.

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