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    Nancy on National Television - America's Health Network A few Facts & Fiction about Hypnosis

    FICTION: A hypnotist has mysterious, magical powers and can control your mind.
    FACT: The hypnotist does not possess any magical or mysterious powers.A hypnotist can not control your mind. Hypnotists are normal people. What makes them unique is their education and area of expertise. Education is their gift to you, it is not magical.

    FICTION: You have to be gullible or weak-minded to hypnotized.
    FACT: Studies conducted at Stanford University have shown that intelligence is not a factor in determining an individual's ability to become hypnotized. It doesn't matter if you are strong minded or weak minded, hypnosis works if you want it to. Remember the 'Gottawanna' rule. You have to WANT to be hypnotized before it can happen.

    FICTION: Hypnosis is dangerous.
    FACT: In spite of scare articles in newspapers and magazines, there has not been one documented case of hypnosis causing anyone harm. There is no evidence that hypnosis will weaken your willpower or affect your physical or mental well-being in a negative way. Research studies at Loyola University have shown that volunteer students hypnotized over 400 times experienced no adverse effects. On the contrary, there is some evidence to indicate that the hypnotic state is one in which the entire body tends to become self-regulating and functions with maximum efficiency.

    FICTION: To be hypnotized means being put to sleep and unconscious to your surroundings.
    FACT: Hypnosis is not sleep and there is definitely no loss of consciousness at any time. The hypnotized individual is always aware of what is occurring. During Hypnosis your mind is extremely alert while your body enjoys deep relaxation. It really is that simple.

    FICTION: There have been cases where people have been unable to awaken from hypnosis.
    FACT: A hypnotized person is not asleep, hence, you should never worry about 'not waking'. Reports of persons remaining in the hypnotic state are exaggerated stories with no validity. Any hypnotic state can be immediately ended, if desired, by the hypnotist or the individual.

    FICTION: While in a deep hypnotic state you will tell the hypnotist all your deep secrets.
    FACT: During hypnosis you are always conscious and aware of everything that is occurring. You will not share anything which is guarded or sacred.

    FICTION: In hypnosis you will blindly obey every suggestion the hypnotist gives you.
    FACT: In hypnosis you keep your ability to make judgments; therefore, you never accept any suggestions you consider to be against you own morals.

    FICTION: A person must be placed in a very deep hypnotic state for success.
    FACT: Depth does not equal success. The willingness to participate in your session is the key to your success.

    FICTION: It takes 4-10 sessions of Hypnosis to see results.
    FACT: This one is FASLE. Most people only need one or two sessions to see results. It all depends on your area of need.

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