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    Member Affiliations

    Hiking Machu Piccu
    Entrance to Machu Piccu - 1999 No...My pack is not heavy - Ha! I LOVE life on the edge My idea of getting high
    My 2004 trip Is this a Kodak Moment? The Stones of Cusco - How did these get placed? A Peruvian style nap after hiking the Andes

    On the Ridge at Breckenridge, CO I am HERE Me Cold??????? On the Ridge in Winterpark, CO
    Night Skiing in Keystone, CO More COLD Night Skiing in Keystone Help, I've fallen and can't get up Ready to jump off the ridge

    A New Captain? Guess so, I'm in his seat Cesna 152.. Yup,it's small Cesna 172, So Sweeeeet
    Pre-flight check - Hmmm I love joy sticks A Sweet 1947 Aronca tail dragger! FUN TO FLY THIS BABY!!
    Look into my eyes...or try to...

    Touring Sun-n-Fun
    GRrrrrr Snazzy Airshow, Wow! What's that? A bird, a plane, it's in my ear!
    Backed by 8 Powerful Thunderbirds - Look behind me Lovin Life at Sun-N-Fun. Who took that great picture? Getting silly at the Yellow Rose Yes, I love big guns

    In the Garden
    I kissed Kermit... Where is my Handsome Prince? Surrounded by Orchids Another Kodak Moment Do I Love Orchids? Yessss

    Directing traffic @ Sun-n-Fun
    Permission to proceed STOP in the name of Nancy Presto...Wordrobe Change - LOL Awesome Sea-Bee
    Yes, it's been a long day Air Operations at it's best C'mon, follow the wands. That's right...Just keep on going

    Confederate Memorial Day
    Arm in arm with living history A moment of silence to honor ALL fallen soilders 3 Generations of Dedicated Women Civil War Memorial Reinactment
    A True Southern Belle Remembering Some Heartstrings will never break - My Parents Grave A Celebration of Life

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