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    Pricing - Session Details
    Hours: 10am-6pm DAILY - Weekends & after Hours available.
    Welcome to my World

    2019 brings Hypnosis Heals into 23 years of business
    Continued Gratitude to all Clients



    Low Prices Can be Found in the Orlando Area!

    Low Prices and quality hypnosis is a service you will always receive in my office. Helping others has always felt comfortable and it is clearly my calling. Nearly all my jobs have centered around helping others in a variety of life situations. I have worked in Hotels at the front desk and tended bar for great part time income. I felt priviledged to work in Mental Institutions, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers and Juvenile Detention Centers. This opened up my eyes to so many fascists of life. My learning continued as I embraced positions as a Social Services Analyst in Nursing Homes, a 9-12th grade educator in three Private schools, a Certified SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities) educator in several Public Schools and 15+ years as a State Certified Behavior Analyst. This certification wove perfectly into my previously referenced jobs. After discovering how wonderful hypnosis was for myself (I used it to loose weight). I decided to move from the public education arena and embrace HYPNOSIS as my final career. This choice, this new path, has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. I have been blessed to enjoy working a full time practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for nearly 25 years. I am not a money oriented person. I have seen first-hand what monsters greed produce. Of course I need to pay bills, but not by price gouging you. I practice Hypnosis From The Heart.

    I am very flexible with the time you spend with me in my office. Being self employed allows you to receive more time with less stress. I will not try to talk you into multiple sessions. I will never treat you like a number in an assembly line, YOU ARE NOT ! I will share my wisdon with you, however in the end, it is you I leave in control of how you want to plan your sessions with me. My low fees come from a low overhead which I pass on to you. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist (not a Doctor), I can not justify billing my clients in a range that nears the prices of Licensed Medical Practioners (Physicians, Psychologists, LMHC's, Psychiatrists, etc).

    If you look around and see hypnotists charging fees close to what you would pay a Doctor, you may want to know why. Myself, I cannot say. To answer that question I suggest you ask the hypnotist charging said amount. For other questions please visit my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. The link is on left column of this page.

    There you will find a guide on what type of questions to ask when searching for a quality hypnotherapist. If someone has been in business for X number of years, has a Ph.D. from an accredited University, is a Psychologist, etc., then yes, I fully agree with Medical Profession prices. However, if this criteria is not met I will never understand the need to charge such fees. My suggestion... LOOK BEFORE YOU BOOK. Ask all the right questions and know what you are investing in. Don't be shy. Take your check list and Ask, Ask, Ask. *Please note the explanation of my prices and all other statements in this paragraph are simply my opinion, based on my logic and personal ethics.

    Are Multiple Sessions Necessary?
    I work on the basis that you are in control of your own mind and body. I will give you a quality recording of your session to take home with you... yes, EVERY SESSION IS RECORDED. I encourage using this recording (in CD format) as home reinforcement. If you are successful after one session, Great !!! Why would I need to keep seeing you repeatedly? If you would like to come back after reaching your first goal, we can always move into other areas of concern. However, you will always be the one in control of how many sessions you feel you want or need. I may have suggestions, but ultimately, the choice is always yours.

    Full Day Session
    For only $200.00, this is a major money saver. I have created a Full Day Session special for people who have compatible desires/needs which can be combined in multiple recordings in one full day. Areas may include, stress, anger management, confidence, nail biting, social anxieties, etc. If this interests you, please contact me about what can be combined in one day. You can expect to spend approximately 6 hours with me. At the end of the day you will take home more than one recording. One for each area of your concern we address throughout the day. Call for more information about this program.

  •  Personalized CD's
    The Cost is only $50.00 (Free Shipping). If you live far away, are unable to travel, or simply do not want to come into an office for a live session I will bring the session to you. I find it best to start with a phone call so you needs can be personalized and not generic. If you wish to send me an email versus calling, I will need all the details of your needs presented to me clearly. This will give me plenty of information to work with. You can view some of the programs available at the top of the home page and on The Garden of Growth Page. Now is the perfect time for you to do something nice and affordable for yourself. I also offer personalized CD Gift Certificates. Simply send a certificate to a friend and let them choose what they want. Method of Payment will be determined at the time of the call or email exchange.

  •  Regular Session
    The cost is $90.00 per session NOT BY THE HOUR ! If you are with me 1 hour or 2 or more the price remains the same. I work until we finish, not when the bell rings. A regular hypnotic session would include some of the following areas: nail biting, anxiety/stress, any type of fear/phobia, sleep issues, confidence, sports enhancement, public speaking, etc., (call for details if you have an need not listed here)

  •  Stop Smoking Program - 2 sessions
    The cost is $250.00 if paid in advance. $150.00 if you pay as you go. This is the ONLY program I have which requires two in-depth sessions to help you Stop Smoking. Each session lasts approximately two hours. We start the first session with an in-depth background of your needs & desires. We go through a very complete interview. From that interview I prepare your individualized program. This is your first hypnotic session. Using the tools received you will return for your 2nd session. This is your last session and Official Quit Day. That day you will leave my office the proud owner of a Smoke Free Body!!

  •  Standard Regression Sessions
    The cost is $175.00. Regression is a different and very sensitive category. There are many types of regressions. Past Life (for curiosity, quest or healing), Age Regression (to retrieve lost memories){Dr's referral may be necessary if trauma is involved}. Regression to retrieve a lost article and lastly, Regression to aid in the recovery of memories for Post Traumatic Amnesia Patients {Dr's referral necessary}. Remember, I do not charge by the hour. You can expect a standard regression session to last approximately 3 hours.

  •  Past Life Regressions
    Past Life Regressions cost $275.00. The difference in price is due to the fact that the sessions are longer & more in-depth than a standard session (searching for a lost article, etc). Most people go through some type of deep emotions (these will be safe feelings). All emotions will be addressed processed when you experience them & again when the hypnotic phase is completed. Every Regression is unique to each individual. While we are together you will enter & exit hypnosis several times. This deepening technique happens easily and allows you to re-enter your next hypnotic phase with a more focused, relaxed state of mind. Upon completion, as your guide, I make sure you are in a peaceful state with a full understanding of what you have experienced. We may be together as long as 6 hours. I will not stop until you are completely satisfied. I make sure that you understand every aspect of your experience (before, during and afterwards). I take time to help you process all thoughts & feelings. I will never cut you short due to time. If you are in the middle of anything I will not interrupt you. I will encourage you to explore it deeper to find it's meaning. We will take breaks as necessary to assure your comfort at all times. Snacks & beverages will be available at no extra cost. I would like for you to think of this session as a one day workshop. I dedicate my day to you and your experience. Your entire session will be recorded and you will take home the only copy. If you have any questions about this special program, please email me. This is a great adventure and my goal is to make it nothing less than amazing for you!

  •  Special Group Rates
    If you have 4 or more people with the same goal, please call me and I can arrange a special rate to meet your needs. I have many programs to choose. You may look at the Corporate Seminar Page to get some ideas and The Garden of Growth has much information too.

  •  Method of Payment
    I accept, checks, cash and Credit Card payments through PayPal. If PayPal is chosen, an additional $4.00 will be necessary to cover the processing fees. It would be helpful to give advance notice if you choose this method of payment.

  •  After Hours Sessions
    If your session begins after 6pm or is on a Saturday or Sunday please add $10.00. Exceptions to this fee can be made on an individual basis.

  •  Office Policy
    Please show up on time. Please call when you have reached the entrance. Dress in comfortable clothing. Please do not wear any perfumes or colognes to avoid possible allergic reactions by the next client. If you need to cancel your appointment please give Nancy a 24 hour notice. Cancellation fees may apply at Nancys discretion depending on circumstances. If we run out of time or need extra time to complete your session (for any reason), a free follow up appointment will be provided.

    Bottom Line I love what I do. My passion for helping others through hypnosis is so deep you can't imagine. I've seen incredible improvements in hundreds/thousands of people in both my office and seminars. What keeps me going is LOVE. The Beatles were right when they wrote the song "All We Need Is Love". For me, it's just SO TRUE.

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