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    Hypnosis- some history.

    Welcome to my domain Hypnosis - The History of Hypnosis
    The creation of a distinct concept of hypnosis owes its existence mostly to a charismatic 18th century healer named Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815).
    Dr. Franz Mesmer developed healing by 'animal magnetism' or mesmerism (later renamed hypnosis).

    1784: Count Maxime de Puysegut discovered a form of deep trance he called somnambulism.

    1821: First reports of painless dentistry and surgery in France using magnetism. Many breakthroughs were made by such Frenchmen: Ambrose Liebeault (1823-1904); J.M. Charcot (1825-93) a Paris neurologist and Charles Richet, 1913 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology (1850-1935).

    1791-1868: John Elliotson, President of the Royal Medical and Surgical Society of London and a professor at London University, professed belief in magnetism/mesmerism and used hypnotic trance to perform 1,834 surgical operations.

    1795-1860: A London/Scottish eye doctor and physician, James Braid, renamed magnetism/mesmerism as HYPNOSIS.

    1845-53: A British surgeon in India, James Esdail, performed 2,000 operations - even amputations - with the patients under hypno-anaesthesia and feeling no pain.

    1857-1926: Another Frenchman, Emile Coue, pioneered the use of autosuggestion and the use of affirmations e.g. 'Day by day in every way I am getting better and better'.

    1883-1887: Sigmund Freud, everfamous for his free association therapy and psychoanalysis, become interested in hypnosis and began to practice it.  His experiments were mainly used on members of his family. Freud eventually stopped using hypnosis and focused his career on his psychoanalysis.

    1891: The British Medical Association reported the favorably use of hypnosis in the field of medicine.

    1901-1980: Milton H. Erickson MD, (Commonly referred to as the Father of Hypnosis)  was a master of indirect hypnosis. He was able to put a person into a trance without even mentioning the word hypnosis. Erickson can be credited with giving Hypnosis a good name and valid form of emotional therapy.

    Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning about (and practicing) hypnosis.

    1843: James Braid Manchester surgeon, coined the term hypnosis (from previous use by French researchers). The term refers to Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, because most forms of mesmerism at that time involved the production of an apparently sleep-like condition.

    1914: World War I - New Era of Hypnosis. Revival due to multiplicity of paralytic and amnesia cases with psychogenic origin and few psychiatrists available. Hypnosis training was given to numerous US soldiers to use in the battlefield to help the wounded lessen their pain and decrease blood loss. Hitler was also using this training technique with his soldiers.

    1925-1947: The use of hypnosis in dentistry was developed in the Untied States..

    1958:   The American Medical Association approved hypnosis. They called it a viable and beneficial health alternative.

    1977: Institute of Psychology and Parapsychology founded. Later to become Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology, an unregistered, non-profit  learning society for the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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