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    Conversational Hypnosis - Does it really work?
    By Joshua Garrett

    The subject of conversational hypnosis is very controversial. Most would argue that one cannot be hypnotized without knowing about it or consenting to it. Most types of hypnosis actually do require the agreement of the person being hypnotized. The idea of hypnotizing a subject without their knowledge of it is absurd. However, with the proper training you can have a powerful influence over others using conversational hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is simply a state of awareness. Your conscious mind is not filtering the ideas that enter your subconscious mind. Typically, you can get to this state of awareness through deep relaxation and guided visualization techniques. This is the most common way that people use to enter a hypnotic trance. However, these methods, unlike conversational hypnosis, require your participation and awareness.

    Conversational hypnosis is different in the way it works. By using particular language patterns and behaviors a skilled master of conversational hypnosis is able to place suggestions in the subconscious mind of his target audience without them knowing. Bear in mind that the techniques used in conversational hypnosis are quite different from traditional techniques.

    The target audience is most likely completely unaware of the conversational hypnosis techniques that are used on them. Most of the time, when done correctly, the target will believe that the suggestions the hypnotist plants were their ideas all along.

    Such powerful methods of influence and manipulation can obviously often be misused. While it is unethical to cause harm or loss by use of conversational hypnosis, there are still those who will attempt it. The best way to protect yourself is to completely understand conversational hypnosis so you can detect when someone is trying to use it against you.

    Conversational hypnosis also can have an astounding effect when used in speeches and other forms of media. Each method of communication offers a different, but uniquely, powerful avenue for delivering a covertly hypnotic message through conversational hypnosis.

    A charismatic speaker can have a mesmerizing effect on a crowd. This is especially true of one that is predisposed to believe the topic of the speech. A talented speaker who is well trained in the methods of conversational hypnosis can use tone and vocal fluctuations to create a mass hypnotic effect on the crowd. Once the audience is entranced it becomes very simple to insert post-hypnotic suggestions into their minds.

    Only a person who is familiar with the techniques and language patterns of conversational hypnosis can easily dismiss these suggestions without being influenced by the speakers trance inducing words. Pay close attention to politicians and public figures. They use language skills when giving a speech that are geared toward conversational hypnosis techniques.

    Writing is yet another avenue to massively influence others that is available to the master of conversational hypnosis. Writing does not have the ability to use tone of voice or personal magnetism to induce the hypnotic effect so it must rely on an entirely different strategy. Conversational hypnosis in writing requires the reader have an active internal conversation to have the desired effect. The reader must become caught up in the narrative. They must envision the story. It must capture their imaginations. They must picture themselves as a part of it. This act of visualization on the readers part is the key to conversational hypnosis in writing.

    Once the reader has begun to see the story you are telling in their own mind they are open to suggestion. Their subconscious is open to, and unprotected from, messages that are delivered through the medium of the story you are telling and they are visualizing.

    There are many ways that conversational hypnosis can be used to your advantage if you do take the time to gain the knowledge necessary to understand it. Just a few examples are:
  • Influencing anyone to follow your lead
  • Getting clients and customers to happily buy more
  • Negotiating with stellar success
  • Compelling colleagues to do what you suggest
  • Getting just about anyone to say “Yes”
  • Convincing children and teens to obey your instructions

    Many deny the existence and power of conversational hypnosis. However, it should be noted that a skilled and practiced master of conversational hypnosis can and will insert suggestions into your subconscious mind without you even knowing. It can be done through a speech you watch on tv or in person, through a letter you receive in the mail, or even through an encounter that occurs in person. Knowing that conversational hypnosis exists and even learning the techniques can not only keep you from being hypnotized without your knowledge but can also allow you to use the techniques on others in order to achieve success at work, at school, and even at home. Having influence over others through conversational hypnosis can truly be a powerful weapon.

  • Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joshua_Garrett

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