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    The Top Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions about Underground Hypnosis
    - Black Ops (FAQ)
    By Erica Bank

    1) Is Black Ops mind control?
    Anytime you are making decisions for other people you are controlling there mind. That is the goal of Black Ops and that is what happens when applied properly.

    2) Does this have anything to do with evil, Black Magic, or Witchcraft.
    No is has nothing to do with that. Its about using your brain more than the next person. Understanding social dynamics and social situations so you can know what people are going to do before they do it. Then you can calculate what you are going to do by thinking a couple steps ahead.

    3) Are people under Black Ops Hypnosis asleep or unconscious?
    No, the whole goal of Black Ops is to able to do it and hide those feelings that people would be getting from the trance with normal interaction feelings. That’s why Black Ops works.

    4) If someone is under Black Ops would they be likely to reveal deep dark secrets?
    Well, actually there is a whole part of the program that is devoted to this called the “The Truth Exactor.” People should not only buy Underground Hypnosis for the fact that they can use the material but so someone doesn’t do it to them.

    5) Can Black Ops be used on someone totally against their will?
    That is why Black Ops was developed. So you can make people do what you want (kind of scary).

    6) Could you get out of ticket if pulled over by a cop?
    Yes. First, you would have to have the intention. Then you need to have an Iron Man setup with a Black Mirror technique which are both part of the program.

    7) Is the sales page for Underground Hypnosis too hype.
    I believe that the sales page should be directed more about what the program offers than trying to get you excited about Underground Hypnosis by over hyping the sales page.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Erica_Bank

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