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    Hypnosis Fees
    - Save 50% by Researching Local Professionals
    By Julie Ann Johnson

    Norma wanted to lose weight when she saw an advertisement on the Internet that said, “Lose those unwanted pounds through the power of your mind.” Intrigued, Norma clicked on an Internet advertisement that redirected her to an out of area “clinic” where she would be sent to a local affiliate hypnotherapist. Within minutes of her click, a salesperson called her up and talked her into a $1000 contract, “Guarantee for Life.”

    Had Norma just looked a little further, she would have found that the average hypnotherapist that has a website in her area shows a fees around of $100 per session. It takes an average of 4 visits to see some weight loss results which equals to about $400. Even though a lifetime guarantee is not given, Norma would still save money even if she did have to go back a second time.

    How good is a lifetime guarantee? A client would have a better chance of using that guarantee with an established local hypnotherapist rather than a national or regional hypnosis center. With an out of the area referral service, the client signs a contract with the “clinic” not the hypnotherapist. Due to the high turnover rate of affiliate hypnotherapists, a client may be assigned to someone new that has an office 50 miles away. In the event that a client needs to go a second or third round, you would most like be going to another hypnotherapist if the referral service is still in business.

    Usually, an out of state referral services may sell you 6 sessions when you may only need just one session. The only person who knows how many sessions will be necessary is the hypnotherapist and the client. Don’t assume that an out-of-state referral “clinic” would know what is best for you when they haven’t met you personally or performed suggestibility tests to see if you are even a candidate for hypnosis.

    · Smoking Cessation fee range from $250 to $400 for one to two visits.
    · Weight loss fees range from $400 to $650 for four to 5 visits.
    · Sport Competition range from $150 to 200 per session.
    · Phobias range $100 to $150 per session.

    If you really want to get your money worth, ask the hypnotherapist if they will make you a CD of the session as reinforcement. Some hypnotherapists will even sell the CD’s at a much lower rate to those who are unable to afford a one-on-one session. These CD’s are just as effective as a visit to the therapist.

    In today’s world, always go to a local hypnotherapist that has a current web page that has their rates listed as well as their contact information. This will insure that you know what to expect prior to the call and will usually indicate the ones who are credible full time professionals.

    With the information technology readily available today, there is really no reason for people to spend over 50% more when local resources are much more affordable and reliable. Norma learned her lesson the hard way by paying $500 more than she should have. Here’s the life lesson that applies to all: Always do your research and always use local hypnotherapists.

    Julie Johnson, Cht. has her practice in Riverside but serves all of the Inland Empire. For more information or to take the on-line hypnosis suggestibility test, go to http://www.creativeguidedimagery.com or call 951-201-2166.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Julie_Ann_Johnson

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