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    Mind Control Techniques
    - How to Spot Manipulation and Avoid Control
    By Michael Bass

    The usage of mind control techniques is becoming more widespread as professional hypnotists and charlatans are gaining mass appeal. Shows like Darren Brown: Mind Control are becoming more and more popular, and highlighting the usefulness of mind control techniques for both entertainment and influence.

    With relative ease a trained illusionist can both influence and misdirect a subject, compelling them to misunderstand a situation. Under these false pretenses a subject will behave in certain ways that the illusionist can manipulate. Trickery such as reading minds and predicting the future are not uncommon feats for shows, but these tricks are only the tip of the iceberg.

    Less ethical illusionists may use their influence to steal, coerce others to do as they want, and gain unfair advantages. With most people unsuspecting and unknowing of these techniques the potential sway is unimaginable. It is no wonder that many of these techniques are being taught to salespeople, advertisers, religious and military recruiters, and even politicians.

    There are many methods that are used to persuade others. Here are some of the more common general methods that are utilized:

    - Environmental Isolation – When an individual is put into a setting where they are isolated from society at large and information can be controlled. Without an alternate viewpoint people find it increasingly difficult to question their reality and the principles that they believe.

    - Extremism – The point of view that “you are either with us or against us” and that there is no common ground between the two perspectives. This type of persuasion is very effective to isolate dissenters and to quell their dissent.

    - Exploitation of Personal Imperfection - A person becomes subordinate to the illusionist when it is revealed that they have done wrong or are missing something useful. With “help,” either by purchasing a product or buying into the beliefs, they can be fixed. Usually perfection cannot be attained, but is rather an ideology.

    - Manipulation of the Language – The illusionist will often change the meaning of words to have new meanings that serve to promote their cause. Advertisers are great at this when they name their products similar names to actual words.

    - Unbelievable Results – Illusionists will often have “magical” events transpose or unlikely events happen to them by “coincidence” because of their ideals or their superior products. In reality the events were planned ahead of time to serve the purpose of the demonstration.

    - Unquestionable Doctrine – The illusionist cannot be questioned or doubted. Any dissent against the performer is handled by ostracizing and embarrassing the skeptics. If this is not effective, physical removal and isolation are then used.

    Mind control techniques are a frightening and unfortunate reality in the world. Group and self interests have eroded away the honest practices of objective truths for truthiness. Be careful and watch out if you believe that you are being controlled and manipulated.

    Michael Bass is a hypnotist, psychologist and avid follower of mind control techniques. He runs an informational website about coercive hypnosis, subliminal influence and mind control. His website offers descriptions and explanations of different methods of coercive persuasion. To learn more about how you are being manipulated or to learn how to influence others yourself visit Unlocking the Secrets of Mind Control and Hypnosis.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Bass

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