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    Is Covert Hypnosis a Bad Thing?
    By Peter France

    Iím often asked whether or not it is ethical to use hypnotic language and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) in a covert way.

    The answer to this depends on two things: your motivation on why you use it, and secondly whether you already realise that covert hypnosis is everywhere around you.

    The strategies that are used in covert hypnosis and NLP are already used extensively in the world around you.

    Just think of any advert that has worked itís magic on you. Itís highly likely that some form of hypnotic suggestion or an NLP technique has been used in order to ingratiate you with the product and connect it with the good feelings you think youíll get when you buy it.

    Therefore, I say, the argument as to whether covert hypnosis is ethical or unethical, is largely irrelevant. That is because covert hypnosis is already out there, all around you, each and every day. Whether you like it or not. So, why not learn how it works instead?

    You may already understand why it is important to protect yourself from it being used on you, but (this bit is rather more fun) do you ever wonder how you could use it to your own advantage?

    Another thing that might occur to you as you learn more about this, is that women are already particularly adept at using some of the common trance statements, binds (more of that later!) and other NLP based methods by learning these and other more advanced techniques.

    When you understand the fundamentals of covert persuasion, you will finally find yourself on an even footing with women, and understand how their brains are wired to pick up particular nuances, phrases and subtleties that until now you were completely unaware of, never mind, be able to use to improve your life.

    Think of somebody you know who is an extremely good communicator. Or perhaps somebody you always feel comfortable around. Now, whether the person is aware of it or not, they will be using certain things in their language, actions and other subtle physiological signals that could be described as hypnotic or mesmerizing.

    Certainly, they will be employing same methods (although probably without realising it) that you can access easily. Once they are explained to you in a step-by-step, easy to read manner, you be using them in no time.

    It always amazes me how somebody who fears that they have little charisma, little confidence and little self-esteem can with my help, suddenly become a confident charismatic and all-round happy individual.

    Are you starting to realise how successful you will be when you have an instruction manual for the brain? Iím not surprised. You will be able to understand that the way you say something to somebody massively influences their response.

    Their reaction to your suggestion is that the real secret of hypnotic suggestion.

    Is It difficult? No. Is easy to learn? Yes. You can get the basics down within minutes.

    Peter France is an established expert in the field of persuasion, influence and the art of effective communication. For a limited time, you can get Peterís Mini-Course "How To Learn Covert Persuasion and Influence in 5 DaysĒ completely free. To learn how to control any situation, claim your free course now at http://www.secretpersuasiontips.com

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_France

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