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    Education and Professional Associations

    nancy conducting a seminar Nancy Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. She worked very hard for her education and degrees. As a result, you can feel confident she will go the extra mile for all her clients. Her Credentials and Professional Associations speak volumes about her commitment to excellence.
    In short, Nancy is a caring, sensitive person who is passionate about her work!
    "I earned my Degree in Psychology with a minor in Education at The University Of Central Florida. I continued at UCF to acquire numerous Post-Bac classes in Exceptional Education and Behavior Analysis. I am nearing my 20th year as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with great pride. To this day I work with numerous physicians and mental health counselors in the Metro Orlando area. Our team goal is to combine the traditional medical approach with the alternative hypnotic approach. It is this superior union of therapies which allow me to deliver my best service to you, my client. Nancy Davis"

     Valencia Community College
    After Graduating from Boone High School in 1975. Nancy immediately enrolled into Valencia Community College (VCC) in Orlando, Florida. Her desire was to major in Dance. She became very involved with the college in all aspects. She became a Cheerleader and a Sister of the Shield and Diamond (Little Sister to the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity). At the end of her 1st year Nancy was in a serious car accident which injured her legs and hip. Her healing time was lengthy. She was unable to continue her dance classes at VCC. In addition she could not continue teaching Ballroom Dancing. With so many changes taking place in her life Nancy took some time off from school to not only heal, but to do some more exploring.
    During her break Nancy returned to Anchorage, Alaska. She had lived in Anchorage for four and one-half years while her father was based at Elmendorf Air Force Base. Her older brother Casey, still lived there. She went to join her favorite big brother until her feet were on the ground with a good paying job. It was an incredible stay. She explored so much more of the 49th State, but, she just wasn't cut out for those winters. She stayed for apx. 18 months before Cabin Fever set in strong. In the middle of the next dark winter Nancy quickly returned to her home, to her parents, to the sunshine and to the warmth of Orlando.
    Upon her return she enrolled and continued her education at VCC. This time, however, she turned her attention to psychology. It seemed to be more practial and more rewarding than Dance. She kept dancing as a hobby and Psychology as a major. She went on to complete her AA at Valencia where she graduated with honors.

     University of Central Florida
    After graduation from VCC Nancy kept busy by working two jobs. One as a Substitute Teacher with the Orange County School System and one as a pool bartender with the Howard Johnson Hotels. Her schedule was tight and there was no time for college. She was saving money for more traveling. Yes, the travel addiction had hit again. Her next trip was to Germany where she stayed with friends for a full summer. Not long after that she was off exploring The Dominican Republic, Hong Kong and China.

    College was important, but the life experience of learning from other cultures was also important. Once her phase of traveling was done Nancy enrolled full time at The University of Central Florida (UCF). It was time to get serious. It was time to complete her degree. She wasn't sure if she wanted to teach or become an analyst. Time would tell. Because Nancy was paying for all of her college expenses it was necessary for her to maintain a fruitful, full time job while taking as many classes as she could. She quit subbing for a while and was lucky to work for a great attorney, Marvin Mandell, as a legal secretary and attend UCF at night. This was good for the 1st year or so, but the night classes and the necessary study time took it's toll. As the course work became more intense she was forced to leave her position with her favorite attorney, Marvin Mandell and return to Substitute Teaching.

    As a substitute teacher the hours and work days were more flexible. (This was the time in her life when peanut butter and jelly was her favorite meal. When money is tight, one always finds a way to make it through life. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And, Nancy... Well, she was tough.) Subbing allowed her to have some day classes which broke up all the night work. Spending so much time in the classroom confirmed her decision to become a teacher. She wanted to work with children. Unfortunately, this decision was made during her Senior year which meant after graduation she would need to come back to UCF and complete the classes necessary to become a Certified Florida Educator. Maintaining her high standards, Nancy stood tall as she graduated from UCF with honors. She is proud to display her diploma. She reached her goal of obtaining a A Psychology Degree.

    After graduating Nancy became employed as the Senior Behavior Analyst in a residential home for the mentally retarded. She held this position while taking several post-bac classes to become a State Certified to teach. Nancy focused her studies on Specific Learning Disabilities. Working with handicapped children is extremely rewarding to her. As it is with most everything that Nancy does, be it work or play, she puts her heart and soul into it. If she can help someone, even in the smallest way, she will.

     National Guild of Hypnotists
    The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) is one of the largest Hypnotist Organizations in the United States. Nancy has been a member of this organization since 1993. She graudated as a Cinical Hypnotherapist from The Hypno-Tech Institute in Winter Park Florida. Her Teacher, Bill Hansen, C.H., taught a very interactive hypnosis course sponsored by the NGH. Nancy spent many months in the classroom and many months afterwards working closely with her mentor. Nancy spent a great deal of post-grad time observing Mr. Hansen's sessions, in turn, he was observing Nancy's techniques and skills. With Mr. Hansen's confidence in her skills he supported her decision to open an office. She joined the NGH and there was no looking back... Where did her practice take her?... Nancy is nearing her 15th year as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Needless to say, it was her calling. Nancy remains a member in good standing with the NGH and is the current Membership Good Standing with The Central Florida Chapter of the NGH.
     American Board of Hypnotherapy
    Nancy did not want to limit herself to just one organization. Her credentials allowed her to join the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). She did so in 1994. She also remains a Member in Good Standing with this organization. Both organizations (the NGH and the ABH) require annual continuing education (CEU's). Nancy obtains many of her CEU's by attending hypnosis meetings. Other CEU's come from educating the public in 'hypnosis awareness' seminars throughout Florida. She also donates her time as a volunteer speaker at local organizations and schools. Nancy has appeared on local and National Television. She as also been a guest speaker on local radio stations numerous times. Staying active in the field of Hypnotherapy is not a job for Nancy it is a passion.

     Professional Regression Association-
    It was Dr. Joseph DeLuca, MD. Ph.D. who encouraged Nancy to become certified in Regressive Therapy. She was hesitant at first because she felt it may place a negative abel on her. However, it had just the opposite affect. In 1994 Dr. DeLuca's encouragement prompted Nancy to become certified in this area. She attended the Hypnotic Research Society, Inc., practiced her new skills and became officially certified in Regression Therapy. Under the guidance of Ron DeVasto, Nancy learned techniques necessary to do all types of Regression including, her favorite, Past Life. Nancy has found Regression Therapy extremely useful for her clients. She continues to work closely with her physicians when the regressions involve the need for psychotherapy.

    Past life Regression is a whole new world... or should we say... old world. Nancy's skillful hands can guide you back to another time and another place where you can experience your soul's prior existence. Belief in Regression is not always necessary for success. Success comes from being open minded and willing to embark on an incredible journey into the past. Nancy's belief in Regression is so strong that she felt compelled to join a national group of like minded people. Nancy is proud to have joined this organization in 1994 and continues to be a member in good standing with The Professional Regression Association.

     As always, I encourage your feedback. Please Send any comments to me today....

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